MarsEdit 4.5: WordPress Media Syncing

September 2nd, 2021

MarsEdit 4.5 is now available on the MarsEdit site and on the Mac App Store.

This update brings long-awaited media syncing functionality for WordPress blogs. After you refresh your blog in MarsEdit 4.5, all the existing images and files from your blog will be available for re-insertion from the Media Manager’s “Published” tab.

Historically, this tab has included only files that are uploaded from MarsEdit itself. This limitation was based in shortcomings of the WordPress API (the interface MarsEdit communicates to the blog with), but the API has since been updated to support downloading a complete list of the published media files. For the time being non-WordPress blogs continue to support listing files that were uploaded by MarsEdit, but I will be looking into adding support for media syncing to other systems where possible.

In addition to media syncing for WordPress, there are a number of other improvements in 4.5. Here’s the complete list of changes for the release:

  • WordPress-specific improvements
    • Existing media items from your blog are now synced and available in the “Published” tab of Media Manager
    • Post password can now be set from the MarsEdit document options side panel
    • Fix a bug that attempted to publish using invalid author ID after switching target blog
    • Can now drag from Media Manager to Featured Image either as new image or reusing existing published image
    • Improve accessibility of featured image by setting proper file name based on original file
  • General media management improvements
    • Images from the “On My Mac” tab can now be dragged directly into a post without opening the Upload Utility
    • Fix a bug that caused some images dragged from the Media Manager to get long alphanumeric names
    • The list of attached files now updates as images are being uploaded
    • Fix a bug that prevented some images from being resized correctly on Apple Silicon Macs
    • Items can now be dragged with a single click/drag even when the window is not active
    • Now showing better thumbnail images for non-image file types
  • Miscellaneous fixes
    • The “Add Category” field now suggests completions from among the list of existing category names
    • Support VoiceOver access to menu items that are hidden by default
    • Improved reliability of preview template downloading for
    • Fix a bug that prevented the date of newly published AtomPub posts from showing correctly
    • Rename the “Split Post” functionality to use “Read More Tag” terminology
    • Fix a bug in preferences showing the wrong values for Retina-based image size constraints

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