MarsEdit 5.0.1: Back on the Mac App Store, Micropost Fixes

December 13th, 2022

MarsEdit 5.0.1 is now available on the MarsEdit site and on the Mac App Store.

This update coincides with the return of MarsEdit to the Mac App Store. After the release last week of MarsEdit 5.0, there were some hiccups in the App Store review process, which thankfully been resolved. MarsEdit 4 customers who purchased the premium features can now upgrade with the same discounts as customers who purchased the app from the Red Sweater Store.

Complete list of changes for this release:

  • Fix a crash that occurred when closing the Micropost panel on macOS 12 and earlier
  • The Micropost panel now prevents posting a completely empty post
  • Fix a bug that prevented the About Box registration status from updating when entering a license code

If you enjoy MarsEdit, please consider writing a review or rating the app on the Mac App Store, spreading the word on Facebook or Twitter, and of course, writing about the app on your own blog! Thanks for your support.