FastScripts 3.2.5: Regex Multiline Modifiers

March 9th, 2023

FastScripts 3.2.5 is now available on the FastScripts home page, or by selecting “Check for Update…” from the FastScripts menu.

This update includes a couple enhancements to the FastScripts Text Suite, which offers free regular expression utilities to all FastScripts users. Specifically, two new parameters are available, which enable the common “multiline” (/m) and “dot matches all” (/s) modifiers:

  • anchors matching every line – should ^ and $ in the search pattern match the starts and ends of lines in a multiline string? defaults to false
  • dot matching all – should a . in the search pattern match every character, including newlines, of a multiline string? defaults to false

These parameters are available for the “search text”, “replace text”, and “split text” commands.

Here’s the complete list of changes for this release:

  • Regular expression script commands now support multiline anchors and dot matches all
  • Modifier key shortcuts when selecting menu items can now be disabled in Settings
  • Add a keyboard shortcut “Cmd-E” to script error panel to open in Script Editor
  • Rename “result” property to “script result” to disambiguate from built-in AppleScript result property
  • Fix a bug that caused the Script Libraries list in Settings to appear shorter than expected

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