MacGourmet 2.2

September 19th, 2007

I met Michael Dupuis as a side-effect of buying MacXword (now Black Ink) from Stephan Cleaves, who was Michael’s former business partner at Advenio. He’s a really nice guy and also an independent Mac developer, living just north of me up in Maine.

Michael just released a new version of his amazingly excellent cooking/recipes application, MacGourmet. This application inspires me to cook more, and Michael keeps making it better. While I haven’t gotten into the habit of using for everything, I really love how other MacGourmet users are able to send me a batch of recipes and I can just import them right into the application. That way I can try their recipes and tweak them to suit my tastes. I sent out a plea a few months that I didn’t have any good ice cream recipes, and a couple batches of peoples’ favorites came rolling in via email.

Version 2.2 adds some modest improvements, but mainly seems to be aimed at opening up the application to future extensions via plugin. As part of a 1-2 punch, Michael is releasing a Nutrition add-on that turns MacGourmet into a dieter’s friend by providing standardized nutritional information based on the recipe’s ingredients.

If you like to cook at all and you have a Mac, I don’t think there’s a better choice for managing your recipes than MacGourmet.

2 Responses to “MacGourmet 2.2”

  1. Jon W. Says:

    It appears that 2.2 introduces a product activation scheme. Until I understand what this is about, I’m reverting to 2.1.6.

  2. Michael Dupuis Says:

    Hi Jon,

    It should only activate once and it’s only really checking to make sure the serial number is valid. I use the esellerate SDK about as liberally as I can, trying to be sensitive to those who don’t like activation, but still taking advantage of what’s there.


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