Feeling The Love

October 3rd, 2007

MarsEdit 2.0 has been out for about a month now, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s very gratifying to learn that all the little nuances I thought were important enough to spend time on, are actually being appreciated by tons and tons of users.

First of all I’ve gotten a number of personal notes from people who have either recently discovered or rediscovered the application. I don’t feel comfortable sharing the names of people who have emailed me privately, but some people have taken the liberty of blogging publicly about their decisions. Michael Tsai, editor of About This Particular Macintosh, wrote publicly about his switch to MarsEdit, and it sums up the sentiment nicely:

“For a long time I just didn’t get the point of applications like MarsEdit. I think I understood the arguments for such software, but I didn’t feel a need to actually use it. […] Now I’m hooked. Some things that I thought might be problems ended up being non-issues, and the whole draft-edit-post flow is much smoother than I was expecting.”

The Mac ReviewCast had great things to say about it, declaring it “still the best.” Why, thank you! David Sparks wrote up a text version of his thoughts on the MacSparky blog. I like his assessment of using a web client to manage your blog:

“There really is nothing wrong with that. It is perfectly fine. Of course it is also perfectly fine scrub your floors with a toothbrush and self perform your own dental work. I wouldn’t recommend it, but it is possible.”

Giles Turnbull reviewed MarsEdit 2.0 for Mac User UK, remarking in particular on the value of the Flickr integration:

“This clever combination of local and web-based software working transparently together is what makes MarsEdit so impressive.”

Especially gratifying is the steady stream of comments I receive “off-the-cuff” from users as they buy the product. Around the time I released MarsEdit 2.0, I updated my web store to include a very prominent, easy to use comments field. The comments come directly to my inbox and I get a chance to read them and reply. Most of the comments say something extremely vague yet gratifying, like “I love it!!!” But I’ve also received random song lyrics, poetic quotations, and expressions of affection with unicode glyphs (phew! the unicode support works).

It’s such a relief to not only have MarsEdit 2.0 out there, but to have the public appreciating it. I can tell that by the time 3.0 rolls around there even more users anxiously anticipating the release than there were this time.

Thanks, everybody!

Update: One of the difficulties of a post like this is collecting all the mentions in one place. Well no sooner had I published the post and popped my iPod on than I was treated to another wonderful mention from Leo Laporte on the MacBreak Weekly show:

“The new 2.0 version of MarsEdit has come out, and well, well worth it. […] That’s how I do all my blog posting now, and it’s really increased my output.” (1:09:30)

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. MarsEdit will make you a more prolific blogger. I’ve seen it time and time again. I think it reduces the psychological burden of blogging. I frankly can’t believe Leo is posting so much lately, and I’m really glad that MarsEdit is playing an important role.

Side-note: This episode of MacBreak Weekly is sort of an indie-Mac holy grail episode. Great mentions of Stunt Software’s On The Job, and Rogue Amoeba’s Radioshift, as well!

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