MarsEdit 2.0.3

October 4th, 2007

Time for another MarsEdit update. This time I’ve addressed some issues with the Text Markup menu. The major change is to add a redundant version of the menu to the Post menu in the menu bar. This will ensure that the shortcuts are available even if you don’t have the toolbar visible in a post window.

If you occasionally find yourself wanting to repeat a particular markup macro, and it doesn’t have a keyboard shortcut of its own, you’ll enjoy the new “Again” markup menu item (inspired by Guy Kawasaki). Just press Cmd-Y to repeat whatever markup macro you last invoked.

Other changes are a bit more subtle, but for some of you will be particularly welcome. Fixes for Blogger and Movable Type users address minor nuisances, and some other minor tweaks that may affect all users.

Complete details:

  • Markup Changes
    • “Do Again” item for markup menu – repeats last applied item
    • Add Text Markup menu to main menu (fixes issues with markup macros when toolbar is hidden)
    • Better support for Return, Arrow keys, and F-Keys in markup shortcuts
  • List recent dates as relative, e.g. “Yesterday, 3:30 PM”
  • Fix false warning of empty categories when only a new category is set
  • Add some missing French localized strings
  • Don’t bounce icon when editing in external editor
  • Movable Type Specific
    • Fix bug causing _1 being appended to slugs
  • Blogger Specific
    • Improve formatting display for <br /> tags in Blogger posts

3 Responses to “MarsEdit 2.0.3”

  1. foljs Says:

    Blogger Specific
    Improve formatting display for tags in Blogger posts

    Wow! I have to check Mars Edit again!

    If it is what I believe it is, I’m buying!!!

  2. greg y. Says:

    The 2.x version is looking great … the only thing keeping me from switching from Ecto is that app’s built in Amazon lookup, which embeds my associate ID in the link (so I get paid if a user follows the link to Amazon and buys). I use that 10x / week. Any chance of that being in a future MarsEdit release?

    Otherwise, like the clean look and smooth operation!

  3. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    greg – I think the Amazon tool idea is really cool, but I think I’d like to build in some kind of infrastructure so that it can be developed as a plugin (possibly by me, possibly somebody else).

    I definitely see it and tools like it as part of MarsEdit’s future, but I just can’t estimate when that might happen, yet. Stay tuned!

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