Paul Kim On Software Bundles

June 17th, 2008

Paul Kim of Noodlesoft participated in the MacUpdate Bundle, putting Hazel up for sale along with a number of other applications, for a low-cost bundled price.

In a recent blog post he goes into glorious detail about the motivations for participating, the pluses and minuses, and after all is said and done, whether he would do it again.

I think this kind of honest analysis of the increasingly common software bundle promotion should be helpful both for developers who are considering getting involved with one, and also for software consumers who are curious to learn more about what developers are thinking about when they weigh their options in participating.

4 Responses to “Paul Kim On Software Bundles”

  1. Paul Hoffman Says:

    As part of this “honest analysis”, it would be interesting to figure out why are these bundles popular for Macs and pretty much unheard of in the Windows world.

  2. Wil Shipley Says:

    Honestly, I would guess it’s because Windows software is all complete crap, and a big pile of crap is no more inviting than a small one.

  3. macpug Says:

    @wil shipley Exactly. Big pile or small pile, it’s still a pile of crap. You are such an eloquent speaker :) I guess that’s why I enjoy following you on Twitter! :P Love DL2 btw.
    @daniel Nice upgrade to MarsEdit. And tell your wife that’s an absolutely adorable sweater for the little one.

  4. Daniel Jalkut Says:

    @macpug – thanks! and for the record, the sweater was made by a friend, not by my wife ;)

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