Black Ink 2.1.2: New Puzzles and Bug Fixes

February 5th, 2021

Black Ink 2.1.2 is now available on the Black Ink site and on the Mac App Store.

This update includes a fix for crashes that could occur while printing a puzzle or shortly after. It also includes support for two new puzzle sources, one free and one premium.

First, the Washington Post Sunday puzzle, by Evan Birnholz. Years ago, Black Ink had support for downloading this puzzle, but it disappeared at some point. It’s great to have it back on the roster!

Second, the Crossword Nation puzzle by Liz Gorski is now available to paid subscribers. Gorski offers 52 puzzles a year for only $19.99! Subscribe here.

Complete list of changes for this release:

  • Added Washington Post Sunday to the web puzzles list
  • Added Liz Gorski’s Crossword Nation premium puzzle
  • Fix a crashing bug that could occur while printing or shortly after
  • Fix a bug that could distort the puzzle shape when zooming in or out of full screen mode
  • Fix a bug that caused part of a checkbox label in preferences to be cut off

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