MarsEdit 4.5.2: More Media Enhancements

September 10th, 2021

MarsEdit 4.5.2 is now available on the MarsEdit site and on the Mac App Store.

This update includes a number of refinements to the WordPress media syncing functionality added in version 4.5, and a few other fixes:

  • Improved performance when loading a large number of freshly synced media items
  • Can now separately specify the number of media items, posts, and pages, to download/sync from a blog
  • Fix a bug that caused the wrong image to be dragged/inserted when selecting items with a search filter in place
  • Fix the sort order of posts when using the search/filter in the main window
  • No longer showing media items in the main blog post list when searching for posts
  • Fix a crashing bug when selecting “View on Web” for a blog with a home page URL that has a space in it

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