You Put Your Brain In It

February 11th, 2008

Gus Mueller of Flying Meat has released VoodooPad 3.5, with a bunch of new features and fixes, including built-in support for editing images in an external app such as, oh, Acorn for instance. Man, I’ve gotta figure out how to link my products up better!

If you haven’t tried VoodooPad before, Gus’s one-line description “you put your brain in it” does it justice. It’s a desktop wiki which means it does all the things a web-based wiki would do, and more. And in a quick, not-sucky-like-the-web kind of way.

The possibilities for this innovative app are so great, I hear Gus even writes his blog with it, but I wouldn’t recommend that!

One Response to “You Put Your Brain In It”

  1. Andy Lee Says:

    Reminds me of the tag line on Bill Bumgarner’s blog: “…so google can organize my head.”

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