SuperDuper! Tuesday

February 5th, 2008

Hah! This one isn’t political, folks. You can take your finger off the unsubscribe button. :)

Dave Nanian, my friend over at Shirt Pocket, and member of the small yet powerful association of clothing-inspired software name consortium, has released the much anticipated SuperDuper! 2.5. The release is timed appropriately to fall on the day when so many states in this country vote to nominate candidates for President, that it’s been dubbed SuperDuper Tuesday by the press.

The new version of SuperDuper returns 100% compatibility with Leopard, while also adding support for a kind of “best of both worlds” setup where you can use a single volume to support both Apple’s Time Machine backup and SuperDuper’s bootable backups. Pretty nifty!

If you need want an easy solution for cloning safety backups of your precious disks, I highly recommend SuperDuper!